The much-anticipated clash between Juventus and Atlético Madrid started out in a fairly dull fashion, especially for Juventini, but ended with a flurry of goals and lots of drama. In the end, a 2-2 draw away to Atlético is a good result. Considering that we were close to getting the full 3 points, a sense of disappointment is perhaps inevitable.

Overall Team Grade: B

  • 1st Half (B-): The team did not operate as a cohesive unit in the first half, although there were some good spells of possession. At certain points, we found it hard to get the ball out of our half, gave the ball away far too easily, and, as a result, did not accomplish much in spite of maintaining decent ball possession statistically. As the opposition sat back on defense, we found it hard to implement our agenda due to a lack of well-coordinated attacks.
  • 2nd Half (B+): The goals finally came and we could have walked away with three points barring the goal conceded at the death. This grade would have been a straight A if it weren’t for the two goals conceded (on set plays no less). Nevertheless, Juve played much more fluid football, pressed a lot more enthusiastically, and looked sharper in possession for much of the second half. It should be noted that both our goals came in transition and the first one was especially attributable to individual brilliance, factors that are more reminiscent of Allegri’s style than Sarri’s. There were several passages with quick, short passing and fluid movement, but those are still relatively sparse as the team grows in to a new system.

The overall grade is a straight B. We could’ve been better in terms of our performance, but scoring away from home and obtaining a draw against a tough opponent deserves credit. Also, we DID NOT let Joao Felix score, so there’s that!

Player Ratings

  • Tek (B+): A firm display after a somewhat shaky performance against Fiorentina. Made one especially top notch save and was not at fault for the goals.
  • Danilo (B-): Not much of note with the exception of a missed passing opportunity that could’ve resulted in a goal and some wayward passes
  • Bonucci (A-): Strong defensive performance coupled with incisive passing throughout the match
  • De Ligt (B+): Displayed good composure and reacted well to clear the ball on multiple occasions
  • Sandro (B+): Assured performance and provided the cross for Matuidi’s goal
  • Matuidi (B+): Solid defensively as always, somewhat of a mixed bag going forward with one particularly mishit shot, but more than made up for it with a headed goal
  • Pjanic (A): Excellent performance both offensively and defensively. Was everywhere and made a nuisance of himself.
  • Bentancur (B): Brief cameo with some excellent tackles and neat passing, but gave away a needless freekick that led to the first goal
  • Khedira (C+): Largely anonymous display in the 60-odd minutes he was on the pitch (along with the rest of the team in the first half to be fair) – although there are urban legends claiming his removal from the pitch was responsible for the goals conceded!
  • Ramsey (NR)
  • Cuadrado (A-): Scored a wonder goal and was generally good going forward as well as with crosses
  • Ronaldo (B+): Had a few chances and almost scored a great goal near the end, in addition to setting up Alex Sandro’s cross for Matuidi
  • Higuain (A-): Created Cuadrado’s goal with an incisive lateral pass and came close to scoring himself
  • Dybala (NR): Some nice touches in the few minutes he played
Grading Key

  • A: Excellent
  • B: Average
  • C: Barely acceptable

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